In 1876, Alexander Bell invented a machine that would change the world forever – the telephone. Nearly 100 years later (in 1973) Dr Martin Cooper invented the portable cell phone which again changed the world and the way we communicate and interact. Ever since, mobile technology has continued to advance at a rapid pace, combining location and the Internet to deliver live information to people on the move.

In 2004 mxData was founded with a clear vision of providing live information to a generation adopting mobile devices. Our name derives from our experience and understanding of the mobile exchange of data and as leaders in our industry we strive to move technology forward even more.

Years before mobile apps had become commonplace, mxData created one of the most commercially successful applications to enable motorists in the UK to make informed decisions on their journey saving them time and money. This work to aggregate multiple forms of data and turn it into useful and helpful information for people on the move earned mxData a number of awards and accreditations including; ‘Best Data Application’ by The Mobile Data Association and 5 stars by What Mobile magazine.

Since our launch mxData has been working with a number of businesses, organisations and local authorities to support their needs for enhanced technology and developing problem solving solutions.

A privately owned company, mxData’s CEO James David has a career spanning over 20 years within the IT and mobile industries. Prior to mxData David spent six years operating a successful consultancy working for many of the major companies within IT, telecommunications and telematics including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Trafficmaster and Microsoft.

David’s passion for mobile technology extends back to 1998 when as a consultant at Ericsson he was involved in the development of the groundbreaking R380; one of the first ever smart phones.

As well receiving awards for specific products we have developed, mxData has been named in the ‘Top 3 Worldwide for Public Transport Apps’ and the ‘4th fastest growing company in the North West’ by Crain’s Manchester Business inaugural Fast 50 awards.

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