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Location Matters


GeoHawk is mxData’s live spatial discovery platform, which provides a simple and consistent API to search for real-world places and access the rich and live data associated with them.

GeoHawk is a cost-effective hosted solution providing scalability, availability and reliability.

The service is implemented by multiple redundant servers providing scalability and availability.


Content Management, Aggregation &

GeoHawk is designed to aggregate content from a multitude of feeds.

GeoHawk allows incremental and full update. Feeds can be as simple as a CSV file of names and addresses or can be complex APIs.

Plug-in architecture makes it easy to create bespoke transformers. The GeoHawk schema allows sophisticated data models including attribution, bespoke XML, related entities, and more.


Fast & Scalable

GeoHawk is responsive to volatility in traffic volumes and with its unique architecture can scale at a low linear cost whilst delivering a relevant search.

Architected to scale out on commodity hardware, GeoHawk provides cost effective scalability without degrading performance. There is no requirement to replace hardware if capacity is reached; additional hardware can be quickly added with no service downtime. The rate of change in aggregated content is also a major advantage of GeoHawk where real-time changes are possible.



GeoHawk’s extensibility is ultimately what makes this platform stand out from more traditional storage platforms.

It can provide highly targeted customisation, , no matter how complex, and seamlessly incorporated into the platform providing businesses with almost unlimited ways of manipulating, combining and presenting their data according to their requirements.



We know how important security is to a business and that's why GeoHawk is hosted in secure locations. Our datacenters are ISO 9001 accredited. 24x7 security teams use CCTV technology to oversee multi layered perimeter control, with biometric and swipe card entry systems.

System access to GeoHawk is via a secure API. Access to this can only be gained if the connecting IP address is white listed and a valid set of credentials are passed over a SSL connection.



GeoHawk’s architecture is designed for redundancy and ensures no single points of failure (both hardware and software) to guarantee no loss in service.

We have invested significantly in the development of the "GeoHawk Private Cloud"; tier 3 hosting facilities, which allows customers to access the GeoHawk platform and its services and store data directly via the Internet.

GeoHawk can be offered as a service hosted by your business or through the “GeoHawk Private Cloud” but whichever solution is most suitable for your business GeoHawk still delivers 99.95% availability.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users.

GeoHawk is the perfect partner for today’s web bots and its power to respond to requests in milliseconds enables web bots to receive large amounts of data quickly and efficiently helping businesses improve their positions in search engines.


Simple API

GeoHawk provides a simple API using HTTP(S) GET and JSON/XML exchange formats, making it highly suitable for:

  • mobile apps
  • web apps
  • web/mobile sites
  • 3rd party services

GeoHawk’s services are used by applications that wish to provide “place” related content services, whether it is for transport, locative media, advertising, social uses, couponing, business listings, hyper-local services etc.

The API is simple, powerful, and requires minimal developer effort to integrate.


Cost Efficiency

We truly believe in GeoHawk’s ability to help businesses not only reduce costs, but also increase revenues through platform efficiencies, availability, performance and increased opportunities having had countless fantastic success stories so far.

GeoHawk has been designed to deliver a highly scalable platform across a grid of commodity hardware, allowing businesses to focus on their uniqueness, differentiation and competitive edge in addition to retaining control over their brand.